Beginning today, March 24, 2020, you will notice the following changes:
1. Appointments will be restricted to pain management (on a pain scale of 1-10 must be 8 or above) and emergencies only. This also extends to new patients who may need care in the next few weeks.
2. Each appointment will be by request only. You may contact the office by texting 269.849.8406 or emailing the practice at [email protected]
3. Dr. Moss will call you to assess your particular situation to make sure we are staying within the limits of the executive order. If so we will find an open time to maintain CDC guidelines.

We will continue with limiting the number of people in the office and with appropriate sanitization. We have not taken this decision lightly and have given it much consideration given the impact this has on both our patients and staff. While this does not appear to align with our wellness model of health and care, these are not normal circumstances. We feel we can best help humanity as a whole by keeping healthy families home and ensuring the sick are receiving appropriate attention. We encourage all of you to comply with the directive to limit exposure for yourselves and others. The better the compliance, the faster we can get through this process and hopefully with fewer casualties.
We will miss seeing all of you for the next three (3) weeks, however, we look forward to seeing you all again after this pandemic storm passes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for any updates to this information.
Guardians of your health,
Dr. David Moss & Staff